i, monster (1971)

"The path to knowledge is always dangerous..."
Dr. Marlowe (Christopher Lee) experiments on himself and releases the pent up personality Mr. Blake. Blake enables Marlowe enact on his inner desires. What begins as an almost child like character becomes more and more bestial with each transformation. Dr Utterson (Peter Cushing) is Marlowe's friend and colleague who gradually comes to believe that Blake is a detrimental influence on Marlowe, little knowing the truth.
A thinly veiled Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, which works rather well, due mainly on the fine casting of Lee and Cushing.

murder on campus (1961)

AKA Out Of The Shadow.
"Extraordinary the things that seem to happen to you Mr Kingston."
Mark Kingston (Terence Longdon) is a journalist who sets out to find out who killed his brother a student in an Oxford college. The police believe that it was a tragic accident, but as usual in these things they are wrong and Kingston sets out to prove it.
A Winner film that is actually watchable for the right reasons! A low key, but entertaining British style crime drama.

las vegas hillbillys (1966)

AKA Country Music. Country Music, U.S.A.
"The only thing free in this world is your mothers love."
Woodrow Wilson Weatherby (Ferlin Husky), a hillbilly inherits a casino in Las Vegas and think he's hit the jackpot. That is until he sees it. Saddled with a large debt, Woodrow has to turn the casino around, and quick. Good job that he has some interesting ideas on how to do it.
Really a thinly veiled way of getting a wide variety of country music stars onto the screen. Well stars is pushing it, as I've never heard of any of them! But it does manage to cram Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren into the proceedings. Nothing to write home about, not all that interesting, funny or entertaining, but an interesting product of its time none the less.

requiem for a vampire (1971)

AKA Vierges et vampires. Caged Vampires. Caged Virgins. Crazed Virgins. Dungeon of Terror. Sex Vampires. The Crazed Vampire. Virgins and Vampires. Virgins and the Vampires.
"Cruel men and vicious women fill your heart with loathing..."
Two schoolgirls, Michelle (Mirielle d'Argent) and Marie (Marie Pierre Castel) are on the run. After a violent car chase, in which their driver is killed they find themselves at a chateau stuffed full with vampires. The Vampire leader decides to take them in and initiate them to renew the vampire race...
Another surreal French vampire film from Jean Rollin, featuring his patented technique of startling visuals and lots of skin. This time though he has mixed it with subtle (ie almost none existant) dialogue and sophoriphic pacing.

godzilla vs mechagodzilla (1974)

AKA Godzilla vs. Bionic Monster. Godzilla vs. Cosmic Monster. Gojira tai Mekagojira.
"Look at that!"
Aliens have built a mechanical version of Godzilla, in order to be able to take over the world, but they don't count on Godzilla getting a second wind and the help of some humans.
The first appearance of Mechagodzilla on film and he wastes no time in whipping Godzilla to within an inch of his life. The fights and general pacing of the film leave you breathless, as they trash the Japanese countryside. Not one with a major plot, but that's not why you watch Godzilla for after all!
Japanese, Monster, Horror, Jun Fukuda,

sacred flesh (2000)

"Mans corrupting flesh stole into her mind..."
A mother superior (Sally Tremaine) has a religious discussion with Mary Magdalene (Kristina Bill), illustrated by some
Tries to be a thesis on the madness that descended on nunneries in the middle ages, much as happened in Loudin. But comes across as an a level version of a Pete Greenaway film, all surface gloss and talk, no action!

kiss of the vampire (1963)

AKA Kiss of Evil.
"I will not say that she has not changed in any way., Mr. Harcourt. She has, as you may put it, grown up - tasted the more sophisticated, more erotic fruits of... life."
It's the turn of the century and a funeral is underway in a remote village. A mystery man (Clifford Evans) turns up and plunges a spade into the coffin, killing the vampire within...We next meet Gerald and Marianne Harcourt (Edward de Souza and Jennifer Daniel) who have to make for the deserted village hotel, when their car runs out of petrol. There they wonder why the hotel is empty, but don't have time to ponder when they are invited to Dr. Ravna's (Noel Willman) castle for dinner. Ravna and his family prove to be perfect hosts, maybe too perfect...
A fine Gothic horror, that relys on a sense of unease as it builds to its conclusion.

the abominable snowman (1957)

AKA The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas.
"The size of 'em! You wouldn't grasp the speed that they could move!"
An expedition in the Himalayas are trying to find the elusive Yeti, accompanied by the duo Shelley (Robert Brown) and McNee (Michael Brill), who claim to have seen it. Tension in the party grows between the two factions; the scientists such as John Rollason (Peter Cushing) and those who just want to exploit the creature, including Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker). Eventually they kill one, but the joy of discovery turns to horror when the party realise another Yeti is stalking them, intent on retrieving the creature.
A fine example of suggestive horror, as the team are stalked, written by Nigel Kneale (of Quatermass fame).

ask a policeman (1938)

"Will you never learn to be honest? He's as much our prisoner as he is yours... Here you are, five bob each."
Sgt Dudfoot (Will Hay) is a policeman in charge of a station in a small village, where there has been no crime for over ten years. Mainly due to the fact that he and his men fiddle the books and organise all the scams they can. But hearing of this record the Chief Constable decides that there may be no reason to keep the station open. They have to up their arrest rate to save their jobs and the fiddles that go with it.
Typical Hay comedy, lots of fast paced jokes based around the his incompetent team of the young Graham Moffatt and the elderly Moore Marriott.

it came from beneath the sea (1955)

"The mind of man had thought of everything, except that which was beyond his comprehension."
An experimental new submarine has an encounter with an unknown creature whilst undergoing tests. Naval commander Pete Mathews (Kenneth Tobey) works with scientists Lesley Joyce (Faith Domergue) and John Carter (Donald Curtis) to identify it. Then the creature decides to sight see in San Francisco...
An early example of atomic mutations and disaster movies, where Ray Harryhausen gives a masterclass in stop motion monsters.

the oblong box (1969)

"He's as dangerous as an insane beast."
Sir Edward Markham (Alister Williamson) has been horribly disfigured by a voodoo curse and is consequently locked up by his brother Julian (Vincent Price) in their stately home. Then Edward with some help plans an escape, by feigning death using some powerful drugs. He is immediately nailed into a coffin and buried. When he is dug up, it's not by his co-conspiritors, but by the devious doctor Dr. Newhartt (Christopher Lee). Edward then hits on a plan of revenge, forcing the doctor to help and hide him.
Having toned down his usual over the top and camp performances in Witchfinder General, Price again tones it down to give a sterling performance in this standard Gothic horror. The film was to be a re-union between Price and the Witchfinder director Micheal Reeves. Unfortunately Reeves was overtaken by depression and replaced. Think what this would have been if Reeves had made this his own.

hell drivers (1957)

"He's come to take Red's place."
Joe (Stanley Baker) gets a job driving balast. Pay depends on how many loads you deliver, and pressure is one to deliver as many as possible each day, speed no object. Most of this pressure comes from the drivers leader and local bully Red (Patrick McGoohan). Further tension comes from Lucy (Peggy Cummins), the secretary who is going out with Joe's only friend Gino (Herbert Lom), but unfortunately Joe and Lucy have a mutual attraction. But why is Joe so determined to keep his nose clean, and how much will it take for him to crack. So sit back and await the sparks.
A gritty black and white drama, exploring the work and life of post war Britain, full of soon to be well known actors, all giving great performances.


mars attacks (1996)

"...For the fundamental truth self-determination of the cosmos, for dark is the suede that mows like a harvest. "
An alien race makes contact with earth but their early peaceful actions only mask a warped and barbaric intention to destroy the world. The US president then has to contend with warmongering generals on one side and a seriously nuts alien race on the other. Help comes from the most unexpected people, rather than the scientists who have to admit they do not understand the aliens intentions.
Tim Burton's homage to the 50's alien invasion films, chock full of blackly comic moments, hammed up by a stella cast including Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Pierce Brosnan, and Glenn Close.


nude for satan (1974)

"He who makes a pact with him belongs to him."
Dr. Benson (Stelio Candelli) arrives at a remote castle needing help for an unconscious woman (Rita Calderoni), who has been in a car accident. The castle seems deserted, but behind every door he opens are different bizarre scenes! Then he is met by a woman who looks the spitting image of the accident victim. Even more baffling is that she is excited to see him and calls him Peter. Slowly it dawns on him that they have both entered a nightmare, where they have to battle the bad sides of their own personalities...
A convoluted and frankly confusing tale. A bonkers film which comes across like the worst acid trip you've ever had!

the she beast (1966)

AKA Il lago di Satana. Revenge of the Blood Beast. Satan's Sister. She Beast. Sister of Satan.
"What a strange place, it seems to be full of weirdies and werewolves."
Veronica (Barbara Steele) and Philip (Ian Ogilvy) are honeymooning in modern day Transylvania when they have a car accident. He survives but her body is possessed by the spirit of a witch who cursed the descendent's of the villagers who killed her two Centuries before. The witch then sets about avenging herself on the villagers.
The first feature by the now fated Michael Reeves, due to his subsequent films, The Sorcerers and Witchfinder General. This has some great dialogue, that doesn't take itself too seriously. in this very very cheap film. It hints of things to come, but won't be to everyone's taste. Enjoy it for its cheesy dubbing and over the top acting, or not at all!

shadow of the cat (1961)

"That cats got a mean streak in her, like her mistress."
Ella Venable (Catherine Lacey), a rich elderly woman is murdered by Walter (André Morell), her gold-digger husband and Andrew (Andrew Crawford), her butler. They in turn pay off the other relatives, the only exception being Ella's beloved niece Elizabeth (Barbara Shelley). But there is one problem, their was a witness, Tabitha, Ella's cat, and she decides the crime cannot go unpunished.
A Victorian horror made in the inimitable Hammer horror style, using Hammer locations, personnel and actors. At 75 minutes this romps along and doesn't outlast its welcome.